New version 2.7 of Amolto Call Recorder is released

New release for both products (Free and Premium) is available for download.

New features:

  • Support multiple instances of Skype on Windows desktop at the same time.
    Usually, Skype only allows to log in with one account on one computer at the same time. With making slight different changes in properties of skype shortcut, second skype instance can be opened on a same computer. Follow these steps in order that how you can do it. In this case, Amolto will monitor both copies simultaneously to record conversations of any of them.
  • Define custom name for recorded files.
    New setting to define custom name for recorded file is available. The user can use three templates in the file name (date-time, my Skype name, participant’s Skype name):

    Template for file's name

    Template for file’s name


  • Premium version hasĀ “Request for action” dialog. Displaying time for this dialog is now available to change.
    This new setting can be defined and changed in Options Form:

    Displaing time setting

    Displaing time setting

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed several issues connected to using Amolto with the latest version of Skype.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.


Amolto Team


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