New version 3.29 of Amolto Call Recorder is released

New release for both products (Free and Premium) is available for download.

Features and improvements:

  • Important: Recently Microsoft released new modern Teams application.
    The release of the new Microsoft Teams app was reimagined from the ground up for a faster, simpler, and more flexible experience.
    Since version 3.29 Amolto supports the new application as well as the old one. Both versions of the Microsoft Teams, old and new, are now supported!
  • The support for Zoom, Discord, Telegram, Viber, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow, WhatsApp are still working in experimental mode. This release improves Amolto’s stability with these applications.
  • Fixed some bugs for using Amolto with the latest version of Skype for Desktop and Skype from Store version 8.111.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

Amolto Team

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