Amolto Call Recorder will continue to work after December 2013

When you upgrade to Skype 6.9, you will be seeing a message in Skype letting you know that Skype will stop 3rd party applications to access Skype including Amolto:
“We want to let you know that your AmoltoRecorder.exe application will stop working with Skype, starting in December 2013.”

Microsoft has announced that they will remove the Skype Desktop API for Windows, Mac and for Linux. The Desktop API (Skype released it in 2004) enables third-party applications to communicate with Skype. These applications can be hardware products or software applications, but they’re all created by developers who use the Desktop API to interact with Skype software. A lot of Skype plugins will not be able to communicate with Skype Application to provide users more features.
Fortunately, Amolto does not use this API for recording and grabs audio/video directly. Now Amolto uses Skype Desktop API only for minor features.Amolto will work with Skype after December! Please do not worry and continue to use Amolto – we are going to publish new version soon.

Amolto Team

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