Command line arguments for Amolto MSI installer

To install Amolto Call Recorder silently, you must use Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) command-line options and properties. The Amolto installer is MSI program and uses standard MSI features. For details about MSI, see the Microsoft Web site. For MSI command-line options, see the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library Web site. To see MSI command-line usage, you can open a command prompt and type msiexec /?.
The additional command-line options are available with Amolto installation package:

  • DISABLEADVTSHORTCUTS <0|1> – By default (0) Amolto msi creates “Advertised Shortcuts”. An advertised shortcut (Windows Installer Shortcuts) is a technology specific to Windows Installer. If you right-click an advertised shortcut the target field will be greyed out. An advertised shortcut supports advertisement and repair: If you want you can disable this mode (1).
  • DISABLESTARTAPP <FALSE | TRUE> – By default (FALSE) Amolto asks users to run Amolto when installation process is finished. In some cases (e.g System Administrators can install Amolto by using an administrator account.), it is necessary to block this dialogue (TRUE).
  • KEY<your activation code | full path to file with activation code> – If this parameter is defined Premium will be activated during the instalation.
  • HIDEKEY <FALSE | TRUE> – By default (FALSE) Amolto shows activation code in About form. If this parameter is TRUE Amolto shows only registration information.
  • RULEACTION <0|1|2|3> -To define default action when Skype call starts (0 – “Do Nothing”, 1 – “Start audio recording”, 2 – “Start audio and video recording”, 3 – “Ask me what to do” ).
  • DIALOGTIMERequest for action dialog displaying time (sec.):

    MSI Parameters

    MSI Parameters


msiexec /i AmoltoCallRecorderPremium-2.8.001.msi DISABLEADVTSHORTCUTS=1 DISABLESTARTAPP=”TRUE” KEY=”YourActivationCode” HIDEKEY=”TRUE” RULEACTION=3 DIALOGTIME=120 /quiet /norestart


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